We are a female-founded fine jewelry company with its priorities in the right place- Every piece is handcrafted with the highest quality materials by local jewelers in NYC. We like to keep our production where we can see it. Our name is Garbage, but we care a lot about leaving as little of it behind as possible- To minimize overproduction and waste, everything is "made to order" with sustainable practices.

The world can be a shitty, trash-filled hell hole sometimes- So we design everything with a sense of humor and playfulness in mind. Our stuff is made to make you feel confident and hot A.F., which is why we're incredibly selective about the quality of materials we use. Your beauty will never tarnish, and your jewelry should be no different. Gold and silver only, baby!


Thoughtful use of materials: Gold and silver is the lifeblood of our product, but it's also notorious for dumping environmental waste into the earth- So, we did some searching and found a caster in New York that primarily uses 100% recycled metals. Some of their materials are sourced from a metal supplier that actively limits their energy, water, and production of toxic waste.

No sitting on stock: We implement a standard 2-week lead time to allow everything to be made to order. This ensures we don't waste energy and materials just to have stock on hand. Any unused or damaged items will be melted down and re-used.

Fine Jewelry as a product: Our goal in this business is to create pieces that hold value. Gold and silver jewelry usually outlives its owners and is typically passed down through generations rather than disposed of. Since our pieces don't tarnish over time, they are less likely to take up space in a landfill one day (Unless it's a tragic accident).

Transparent supply chain: Every component we use is sourced in the United States and assembled locally in New York's jewelry district. We are extremely close with our vendors, pay fair wages, and consider them family! None of our production takes place somewhere we can't see with our own eyes, and we intend to keep it that way regardless of how much the business grows.